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January Monthly Meeting

  On January 20, 2018, the monthly meeting of Chapter 1445 was held at the Terminal building of Chandler Municipal Airport.  Phil Jossi, CFII gave a presentation entitled "Complacency Embedded in Pilot Operations (Risk Management)"  The presentation qualified as a Wings presentation for the participants that registered.  For members that were not able to attend, click on the link below to see the presentation.

EAA Complacency Embedded in Pilot Operations (003).ppt


 Kearny Fly-Out

  On January 19th, a group of members of Chapter 1445 made the scenic flight to Kearny, AZ.  The weather was perfect here in Arizona while the Mid-West and Northeast were being battered by winter storm.



2017 Year in Review

   While creating the 2016 Highlight video, decided to go ahead and create the 2017 highlight video before I forgot how to use the software.  Enjoy



2016 Year in Review 

   Was doing some computer/site clean up and realized enough material existed for the Chapter to document all of the fun activities that occurred during 2016.  This is an efficient way of showing the activities of Chapter 1445.  Enjoy.


Lake Havasu Fly-Out

  January 6, 2018 the weather was beautiful for flying, smooth, light winds. Four aircraft were able to make it to Havasu for lunch and the Chapter's first fly-out of 2018. On the return, winds aloft gave a nice tail wind...seeing up to 35 kts at 9500 for a ground speed of 214 mph (186 kts) in my RV-10 while cruising at 60 % power.

Food was good, company was good. Due to lack of RSVPs (0) Mark and Kismet went to Coolidge.


Christmas Party 2017

  The 2017 Chapter 1445 Christmas Party was a great success.  Approximately 20 planes flew in,
and did a good job of flying the pattern as recommended. After a short program of handing out 
Certificates of Appreciation for the year Bob Meyer handed the reindeer reins over to Kelly 
McMullen to keep the Chapter in the air for another year. Kelly spoke briefly on safety issues, 
then directed the activation of the new, large Chapter grill to prepare the meat.  There was plenty
of food to go around for the 60 participants. Once the food line was satisfied, the gift exchange
 was started, with approximately 25 gifts ranging from liquor, gift certificates to aircraft books, 
aircraft tools and other aircraft knick knacks. Here are a few photos from the event:


How to Fly 

  Thanks to Bob Reser for allowing us to post an article and an e-book on our website.  Click the links below to read both.  Both can be saved your individuals devices.  Both are worthwhile reading.

Inadvertent Stall

How to Fly Airplanes (E-Book)  


Maricopa, AZ  Veteran's Day Parade

  The Veterans Day Parade at Chuck Millars was well received by Maricopa. Many of our members helped set up and drove the vintage vehicles.

Goldwater Gunnery Range Tour 2017

  Our trip to the Goldwater Range November 8th was a huge success. The A-10 aircraft performed close in strafing, multiple angle bombing, rockets, and missile defense flares. 


 Millar October, 2017

    Another great fly in breakfast sponsored by Chuck Millar! Over 30 aircraft visiting the new additions to the Veterans Museum and the new taxiway. Next event at Chucks is the annual Turkey Shoot on Wednesday November 22 at 9 AM.



Airventure 2017

 It was one of the greatest Airventures ever!
Below are just a few general photos of the event. 21 members and spouses came. John Cooke, Steve Martin, and Rudy Morris are not pictured but are present. It was the largest attendance of our chapter! A Very proud moment.16 B-25's, 2 B-29's, B-17, and lots of P-51's in the sky at the same time! Awesome!
If you went and can send some photos to me, I'll piece together a slide show to share at the September meeting.
President Chapter 1445


Chapter 1445 members at the Brown Arch

Kelly enjoying the homebuilt corn roast

Camping at the homebuilt area

Meeting Jack for opening ceremony

 New gathering structure to replace the tent pavilion





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